The Why Questions

The Appetite Awareness Workbook (by Linda W. Craighead, 2006) lists four Eating Paths: Normal Eating, Normalized Overeating, Restricted Eating, and Binge Eating/Getting Stuffed. Which path are you on? Can you guess which one I’m on?
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New Year’s Resolutions

Hello Fellow Non-Dieters or About-to-Become-Non-Dieters,

Due to a writing project about, of all things, Not Dieting, I’ve been remiss in posting to this blog. I couldn’t let the opportunity go by, however, to post my New Year’s resolutions on this, the very first day of 2011. So here goes.

Resolution #1. Eat mindfully. I want to think about what I’m eating at the time I’m eating it and not after it’s gone.

Resolution #2. Enjoy food to the max. The best way I know is to be hungry before eating, choose something I like, and savor the flavor.

Truth be told, I’m still trying to get the hang of assessing my hunger and fullness.  Two books are helping I think.  One is Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat, by Michelle May, M.D., and the other is the Appetite Awareness Workbook, by Linda W. Craighead.

During the holidays, I enjoyed traditional foods and desserts and chocolates without guilt or overeating (much).  Tonight I was in the mood for the cold crunch of an apple, some carrots, and crackers and cheese followed by a milk chocolate truffle.  Perfect supper.

As I’ve been knitting and watching TV bit more than usual, the ads for diets have cracked me up.  Still can’t believe the change in my perspective.  Not that I have all the answers, but it’s like, “been there, done that” and no more!  Life is so much more fun when not tied to a ball-and-chain, er, a diet.

Happy New Year!

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