What Do You Feed Your Babies?

When I had my first baby, the pediatrician told me about the easy way he and his wife fed their children—they had eleven at the time—when they were babies. What he told me sounded
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Dining Pleasure

Fruit Planets

Fruit Planets

Have you ever had dinner with a group but didn’t get to have what the others were eating because you were on a diet? If you really want to feel like a Martian, try going on a diet that comes with its own meals in little space age packets! But is it the food itself that makes a meal enjoyable, or something else?
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The Privilege of Eating

In this world of the “haves” and “have-nots,” I am definitely one of the “haves,” which is to say that I have plenty to eat. Read more

Getting Too Hungry

How often do you get extremely hungry? During most restrictive diets I’ve been on, I allowed myself—while believing it was what I had to do—to go through days and nights and weeks of hunger. My stomach growled constantly, and
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The Why Questions

The Appetite Awareness Workbook (by Linda W. Craighead, 2006) lists four Eating Paths: Normal Eating, Normalized Overeating, Restricted Eating, and Binge Eating/Getting Stuffed. Which path are you on? Can you guess which one I’m on?
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Journaling as I Eat

Excerpt from my Eating Journal…
8:20 a.m. — I’m hungry (a 3.5/10, 10 being stuffed) and looking forward to breakfast. I take a bite of shredded wheat, which is crunchy and makes a sound as I chew. It’s slightly sweet from the Splenda and moist from the milk, and it catches in my molars. Read more

I’m Not Dieting – Whoohoo!

When I gave up dieting three years ago, one of my first thoughts upon waking was, “I’m not dieting today—whoohoo!” The freedom from restriction was enough to make me giddy and to fill my mind with Read more

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