Getting the Best from Buffets

When my husband and I had lunch today, he took me to a buffet because he could get in a full meal within his limited lunch hour and because he would have no problem getting all his colors. By colors, he means fruits and vegetables from each of the Seven food groups, according to a book* he read several years ago. The point is to try to eat something from each these Seven nutrient-laden groups every day.

Sounds good, and my husband’s been happily following the plan for years, but I’m afraid of locking into any external eating system because of its diet-binge-cycle potential for a former-dieter like me. If I said, “Okay, Norma, here’s the plan: you must eat thus and such today,” another part of me would retort, “No! I don’t want to. How about a candy bar instead? Make that two!” Better for me to eat fruits and vegetables without outside pressure.

So, at the buffet today, I ate what appealed, which included Orange cantaloupe, Yellow pineapple, Red beets, Green beans, Golden Brown fried chicken and Fluffy White mashed potatoes. Yum! I love the wide assortment of dishes at buffets. One 8” plate of food satisfied me, and I wasn’t that hungry for dessert (possibly because I had a stomach bug early in the week), but I changed my mind and had a piece of fudge and a dollop of banana pudding while my husband ate a piece of pumpkin pie. It was a lovely lunch with my favorite person.

Thanks for reading my blog. Happy Eating in 2012!

*What Color is Your Diet? by David Heber, M.D., 2001


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