Diet-Free Mondays

I just spent a weekend with a close-knit bunch of college friends at a farm near the Oregon coast. In my dieting days, I would have approached each eating opportunity one of two ways: 1. with stalwart fortitude, having determined to stick to whatever regime I was on, OR 2. with abandonment, because I was temporarily outside my “diet cage.”

This weekend, as usual when our group gets together, the food was plentiful and awesome—homemade granola, eggs, yoghurts, pastries, fresh blueberries and watermelon, succulent barbecue, baked beans, sweet corn, salads, all sorts of breads, and desserts of cookies and pies and ice cream. What have I forgotten? Oh yes, on end tables were little bowls of nuts and Edible Rocks and chocolate mints and other candies. And I enjoyed tastes of everything that looked good to me. But as a novice non-dieter, I tried to remember to ask, “How hungry am I?” before every meal.

Okay, I confess that I ate past normal fullness a few times. But we were active around the farm, and I never did feel stuffed to the gills as I would have in the past. Plus, since I had no plans whatsoever to go on some diet after the weekend, there was no rush or panic to load up because of anticipated restriction and deprivation.

Hooray for diet-free Mondays!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Laurie
    Sep 13, 2011 @ 07:21:26

    Maybe starting diets is why Monday gets such a bad rap? It just occured to me that on your non-diet system, every day is Saturday! 🙂


    • Norma
      Sep 13, 2011 @ 10:10:09

      Yes, I’d agree that the “Monday Diet” blues compounded the downer of having to get back to work on Mondays. Good point, and thanks for reading, Laurie!


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