Hello Foodies

I’m a foodie, one who (according to dictionary.com) has an “enthusiastic interest”  in eating, analyzing, and reading about food.  

I once sat with a dietician at a wedding dinner who told me that she had to write a paper in grad school on her food history that started clear back in childhood.  So I’ve decided to keep an online journal, that will begin with my food history and lead to why I’m giving up dieting.

My first food experience happened when I was about three.  My little brother and I were staying overnight with friends, and in the morning, the lady served us eggs and toast.  But I didn’t like the amount of butter (or margarine) she put on the toast.  The butter was lying there in cold, hard lumps that made me gag.  Hungry, I tried to eat the toast anyway.   Next thing I know, I’m on the back porch throwing up.  Ever since then, I can’t stand cold butter.  All because of that one experience.

Thanks for reading!


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